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January 10, 2021


The source code for the ChastityLock ransomware that targeted male users of a specific adult toy is now publicly available for research purposes.

(Thanks to Nancy Gill)


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Having trouble getting my brain around the mechanics involved in using this device. So are we to assume that somehow gaseous emissions from Uranus are involved?


I suddenly feel tantalized into becoming a Macy Gray fan.

What could possibly go wrong? This!

Sounds like the cock-lock on the Californication TV series.

If they could hijack this device to start squeezing slowly but convincingly, those Bitcoins would be on their way really quick.

I suppose this chastity device would be cheaper in the long run than having a divorce lawyer nipping at you, however.

I don't understand any of that, but it's nice that there's still a little mystery left in the Universe, outside of why your clock blinks 12:00 when the power goes off.

Clankie---I had to read your post twice to read CLOCK blinks 12:00 when the power goes off.

It is mentioned that some owners of this device have suffered the attack multiple times. There is something we are not being told, mainly, what is going on such that guys are willing to pay the $270 ransom more than once.

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