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January 28, 2021


Panera recently announced that it’s releasing a limited line of bread bowl-shaped hand warmers.

(Thanks to Dave N., who says “Also known as a 'knuckle sandwich.'”


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For some reason, I imagine Curly Howard trying to eat one. With hysterical results, of course.

Screw these people. Every time I try and go to it I get a damn TAco Bell promotion instead.

I want those damn hand warmers!

If you want that dining out experience while still in lockdown just stick your cold hands directly in the microwave.

Anyone who has a dog should know what will happen to their bread bowl shaped hand warmer if they are lucky enough to win one.

There, there, Jeff. May I offer you a warm beverage? How about some

This is what happens when your marketing staff works from home in pajamas for 10 months.



The Remix is better.

The first Bread Bowl will be played in 2022.

Thanks, MOTW. I went to the website and signed up, though my wife and everyone else other people think I'm nuts.

Looks like it'd be a good pin cushion, if anyone actually uses those anymore.

@Le Dud - Pin cushions are still very much in vogue at my house, although in this case I would limit use to actual straight pins, as the day would eventually come when every needle you ever owned would be buried irretrievably inside.

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