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January 26, 2021


Target pulling products allegedly made with forced monkey labor

(Thanks to Alan West, who says "as opposed to voluntary monkey labor.")


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So maybe they'll be able to train the squirrels to take those jobs.

I've heard speculation that non-human primates can actually talk and they keep it a secret so we won't make them get jobs. Clearly this assembly line was full of monkeys sneering "Nice going, Kevin."


Snork @ AmoebaStampede

Maybe if they just paid the poor little monkeys better they wouldn't have to chain them up.

Thanks, MOTW. Loose lips sink chimps.

They're learning vital skills which will help them later in life.

All those chimps were saying "fml" all day long.

Okay, so how do you get monkeys to stop picking coconuts? I guess you could train them to steal tourist's valuables instead. More of an independent contractor gig.

DO NOT mess with them applies to monkeys too.

@man tom - best video I've seen in a long time! At every party, there's always that guy who hands a loaded AK to a chimp. Holy smokes. Belongs in a Hunter S. Thompson novel!

I don't know. If they weren't willing to be forced monkey labor, they might end up as chilled monkey brains. Just ask Indiana Jones.

Wasn't Forced Monkey Labor the roadies for The Monkees?

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