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January 12, 2021


Quebec couple hit with curfew-violation fine after wife walks husband on a leash

(Thanks to Steve Bradford and Ralph)


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Something tells me he enjoyed it if they handcuffed him. And do the cuffs go on all fours?

How is this going to affect his "comfort animal" status?

For a country which takes up 92.5 percent of Earth with a population of a mere 37.59 million, I find it amazing every one of them has the name Francois designated somewhere on their birth certificates, if they even have birth certificates.

Some people call that foreplay.

Was he walking on all fours, my wife wants to know.

The woman tried to explain to the police that her husband thinks he's a dog and if he's not walked he makes a mess on the carpet. The police might have believed her if the husband had thought fast and hiked hike a leg but alas, playtime ended badly that evening.

She was just using visual aids to demonstrate behavioral reality.

Did a veterinarian perform their marriage ceremony ?

Dog gone it! Eh!

I have friends who call that foreplay.

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