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January 26, 2021


Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis sent a letter to the International Olympic Committee on Monday encouraging them to consider relocating the 2021 Summer Olympics from Tokyo to the Sunshine State.

(Thanks to Rodney Beterelsen, who asks "What could possibly go wrong?")


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So Petronis no longer works on the ground crew at O'Hare?

Naked relay racing, braking and entering marathon, 'hot ' car racing (wrong way on interstate).
What fun!

Works for me.

They're worried about the heat? Did it worry FIFA when they gave the World Cup to Qatar? Hell, no!

Demonstration sport: shaving your "bikini area" while driving.

He seems to have an unrealistic Expecto Patronum.


mantom's girl...

Moving the Olympics to Florida is a grand idea, especially if Carl Hiaasen is made manager. There would be some VERY interesting coverage and followup books. I doubt Florida would ever host another Olympics, but this one would never be forgotten.

The state already has the Florida Man Event in the bag. What more does he want ?

How does one qualify for the Blinker Biathlon?

wanderer, you'll also need the specs on the rifles to be used in it.

Dave could be a part of the Olympic Torch Relay! Imagine the pride we'd all feel while watching Dave running through Florida while holding a flaming stick. What could possibly go wrong?

They're moving the Winter Olympics there, too...

Florida is MORE than welcome to take the Olympics off our hands, provided they reimburse us for the 13 billion dollar cost of hosting them, much of which has already been spent on infrastructure, such as repaving the entire Tokyo marathon route with a special substance that feels cooler to the athletes.

Gosh, maybe the Conch Republic could host a few events - passports might be needed however.

P. S. Got my wires crossed. Make that 30 billion dollars. Already spent, of course.

Patronis is from Bay County. This panhandle area is also known as the Redneck Riviera and home of Spring Break. Be prepared for wet T-shirt and beer guzzling Olympic events and who has the worst sunburn while passed out on the beach. In Riviera terminology you “lay out” while sunbathing. Paragliding into condos after visiting Hooters for happy hour will be a UGE spectator draw.

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