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January 23, 2021


Prince Charles is celebrating Red Squirrel Appreciation Day!

"As you will all know so well, these charming and intelligent creatures never fail to delight," Charles, 72, wrote. "I take enormous pleasure in having them around – and in! – the house when I am at home in Scotland.

(Thanks to B’game)

Somebody needs to tell the prince: Toronto woman finds knife-wielding squirrel in back yard

(Thanks to Doc Occ)


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What a condescending way to refer to FORMER Prince Harry! One can only wonder how the Queen will react to this.

Tastes great, less filling

Red... Gray... What we need is healing and unity.

The Prince recently contacted his lawyer to draw up plans for his will. He left everything to his mother.

About what you'd expect from a guy who chose Camilla.

Also, Knife-Wielding Squirrels opened for George Thorogood at Coachella.

Here are some great ideas for the best use for both red or grey squirrels.


Was it Prince Charles who was recently accused of inciting an erection? Scum.

Tell Scots that squirrels are great for preparing haggis. Problem solved.

One more reason why he'll never be king.


Don't forget - anybody can ride a horse, but you have to be part of the British royal family to look like one!!

As for Camilla, like Grandpa used to say, "That woman would scare a hungry dog off a gut wagon!"

Well, Charles has always been rather squirrelly.

Charles is a traitor to his species.

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