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January 19, 2021


Paleontologists Detect 50-million-year-old Fossil Bug Penis

(Thanks to Art Kraus)


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"a sort of chitinous codpiece"
Chitinous Codpiece would be a good name for .. no, not a rock band.

Hugh Hefner: "I thought I was missing something."

So his little striped legs were so short that his penis dragged in the mud and that's why it's so well preserved?

This article is driving me buggy.

50 million years from 'a rare treat' find will prove Jeff absolutely spot on.

For some strange reason I have developed a 'thing' for Ruth Schuster.

Doubtless the Icelandic Phallological Museum will want to acquire it.

By the way, you've got to like their URL: phallus.is.

I know this is off topic, well it has nothing to do with a penis, but I had a little time on my hands and felt industrious so I installed this fire alarm today. What do you people think?

He drove a lot of females buggy.

The original Biggus Dickus has been found.

This particular species evolved to form the Big Johnson Tent and Awning Company.

In his time, he was known as a real prick.

He was also a not a bug to dick around with.

I'll be here the rest of the week. Please remember to tip your servers.

Of topic, don't worry I'm not going to even mention the word 'penis'. I had some spare time on my hands this afternoon and installed this fire alarm. What do you think?

man tom---I had a cousin who had a few of those fire alarms. When his house burned down, the firemen appreciated the popcorn.

More proof that scientists are perverts.


Off topic, but Dave's stovepipe hat is ready for tomorrow's inauguration. I worked so hard on Jackie's pillbox--a wonderful domed concoction--only to have her reach up and put a dent in it. (The day was windy.) Thereafter, hatters who copied it also copied the dent. This time around, I am taking no chances. The stovepipe can be secured with a black ribbon bow under the chin. Manly, without being macho, as befits someone who is from both Mars and Venus.

Prehistoric bug penis... isn't that Larry King?

We saw Demon Interbreeding open for Th'Inbred. We'll be watching for the off-topic stovepipe on the broadcast news, as we did not merit an invitation.

We can all hope for such a legacy.

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