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January 24, 2021


Woman calls police after arriving too late for McDonald’s drive-thru breakfast

(Thanks to AmoebaStampede)


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Our city requires us to have a letter on file should we be denied breakfast at McDonald's or the police department won't even respond.

*The letter should stipulate in writing you will appear in court should police arrest and prosecute a McDonald's Drive Thru employee.

We might as well just shred Mayor McCheese.


The woman could have just left McDonald's and gone to Chuck E. Cheese's and got her frustrations out.

Who was she supposed to call, Ghostbusters?

At least the woman didn't pull a gub.

She sounds like the kind of woman who wouldn't pull a gub even if it was covered in dipping sauce.

I share this customer’s rage that McD is using COVID as an excuse to stop serving all-day breakfast. The sodding piss-ants can’t explain how cooking a hash brown in the same fryer where you’re already making fries worsens the pandemic. Is anyone really endangered by popping a few frozen hot cakes in the microwave?

No sacrifice is too great if it supports the prevailing paradigm.

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