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January 13, 2021


Residents of the usually quiet South Florida community of Palmetto Bay are buzzing after spotting one of their neighbors riding his military style tank down residential roads.

(Thanks to Le Petomane)

Not just a tank: a "military style" tank.


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He should mount a snowplow on it and keep the street free of frozen iguanas.

Maybe it was a Mk.III Valentine gift?

(Even by my standard, this is a very niche joke)

A totally unedited version of the news report would play well on SNL.

"I'm here about thee tank?'

"There is no 'military style' tank. I wasn't expecting Martha Stewart."

If the guns don't work, it's just a funny-looking dune buggy.

This begs the question: Why can't we have civilian tanks?

Could have been a toilet tank.

Tanks for the memories...

Compensating for some shortcoming? A gherkin, maybe, or a pinky?

One thing's certain: Tanks always have the right of way.

Good thing it wasn't a Casual Friday style tank.

Cam you ever be TOO prepared?


As they say in the Army, tanks for showing us this article. You need a Patton on the back for this one.

I don't see any difference between this and some old coot having a middle age crisis in a red convertible sports car. Or motorcycle, or restored 1960's vintage muscle car. Really, I think all those who are "uncomfortable" are really just jealous that they don't have any toys that are that cool.

Unfortunately the article was written by an ignoramus who thinks that "The tanks are...British grade" makes any sense whatever.

Forget about it Jake, it's CBS.

I’m just impressed that it does in fact appear to be a tank. Usually when the media calls something a “tank”, it turns out to actually be an APC or some other armored vehicle that isn’t actually a tank.

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