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January 27, 2021


Natural phenomenon of billions of cicadas will soon swarm across eastern US

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Sorry, but I've already made plans, but I'll pencil them in for 2038.

If they all have cell phones and Facebook accounts now, many pedestrian cicadas are likely to swarm into traffic.

There was this one cicadas who survived beyond 17 years after living underground for the entire time, arose to mate then DID NOT DIE. He recorded this Victory song.

Going by FDOHS time most will be dead before the paper work gets processed.

Cicadas, if they are like many creatures that navigate using magnetic North as a sort of GPS, will find that during their 17 year nap, the magnetic pole has moved at the rate of 31 miles per year and is now 510 miles from where it was when they dozed off. This could set off some really interesting cicada wrecks and serve up some much needed fun distractions. Head-on flying collisions could count for maybe 10 points, building collisions, 5 points, ETC. Not as much fun as a flaming boat sinking, but at least this event will not be cancelled.


" cicadas "

Whew ! For a moment there, I thought it was locusts.

Another plague! Just in time for Passover.

I hope they all remember to put on their little masks.

Will the battle between Cicadas and Murder Hornets be on ESPN?

Kudos to Man Tom for the Victory Song. I'm dead.

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