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January 18, 2021


Magicians mark 100 years of 'sawing woman in half' trick

(Thanks to Nancy Gill)


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After the first attempt at performing this trick, the magician had to make excuses for his wife by saying,"She's only half the woman she used to be."

Hence the expression: "my better half".

Half a loaf is better than none.

The woman would only be half crazy after this stunt.

Saw my tax bill in half. Now THAT would be magic.

In geometry, you can halve an angle with compass and straight edge. You can't trisect it. I suppose the same is true for women.

They should celebrate the occasion by sawing two women in half and the reassemble them with the wrong halves.

Can they saw this year in half?

I suppose the ones it didn't work for weren't celebrating.

People are so fickle, you saw a woman in half on stage and you get praise, but if you saw your wife in half in your garage they throw you in jail.
Just saying.
Not that I would ever consider that.


If it started raining soup, his family'd all have forks.
If they was to cut a woman in two, he'd get the half that talks.

– Benny Hill, "Unlucky Luke"

@ LeDud - My math teacher in high-school told us that if we could trisect an angle, he would buy us a car.

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