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January 29, 2021


Dad attacks sex shop worker with used vibrator after moaning the toy 'got extremely hot'

(Thanks to pharmaross and Allen at Division)


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"Well, that wasn't Totally Adult behavior, now was it, sir?"

*throws vibrator at judge*

...and the Bernie mitten-meme lives on!

Um, isn't that the whole point of the thing? (A friend told me so.)

We know the perp bought that vibrator because he wanted to have hot sex. Some people are just plain hard to please.


He had a buzz on.

So who was the user? His wife? Or him?

Of course, the blog's strict policy prohibits us from commenting on the sign on the store's window to the right.

Nice to learn they have multiple uses.

How amazing is it while ranting around Pellicaan wasn't bitten several times by poisonous totally adult toys.

Those Pelicans are hard to please.
And “entrance at rear” is kinda presumptuous,


Obi Wan said the same thing about his light saber.

He's moaning about it? Sounds like it works just fine.

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