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January 20, 2021


Edwin Poots issues jelly and gravy shortage warning

This has been The News From Abroad.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Remember the potato famine? So prepare for another mass migration from Northern Ireland.

There is a saying: "When Poots issues a warning, no one listens, they run away."

Oh, the humanity!


I'd say this is a good thing. Who wants jelly/gravy poots?

Edwin Poots ==>
Wino despot
Tepid swoon
No wide post
Do wipe snot

How does one run out of gravy? (Don't tell me that they eat canned gravy.) You'd have to run out of butter and flour and milk (or stock).

I've learned to heed Poots toots.

Amen, MOTW, re gravy unless people in Northern Ireland have lost the art of gravy making or never had it. Not everyone has time or inclination to can jelly, but good gravy takes just a couple of minutes.

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