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January 21, 2021


Making more money really does make people happier, study says

(Thanks to Barry Nester)


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I believe Hugh Hefner proved this was true years ago.

I thought Hugh proved that making love not war made people happier.


Ah, don't give me that do-goody-good bullsh$t.

Oh come on: the scientist's name is Killingsworth?

Just stop being poor, you peons!

I'm looking for funding to do a study showing that water is wet.

Is the study still going on ? How can a guy get in on it ?

Who would have ever guessed?

Who provided the funding for these happy researchers?

I bought a Mega Millions lottery ticket last night. If I win, trust me, you'll see true happiness in action.

When will they ever get around to studying where bears poop?

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