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January 26, 2021


PORTLAND, MAINE (AP) — Portland police arrested two people they say attacked a man because his car had Vermont license plates.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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In her defense, when the police arrived she was heard screaming: "Look at me now! What did you do to me?"

Wrong thread. 'Hate when that happens. More on topic, was he trying to peddle VT maple syrup without paying the protection money?

I bet they were just tired of the Bernie memes.

I mean, I could understand it if it was New Jersey plates...


This incident was great. It will inspire at least two new Stephen King books.

Has anyone determined WHY they were in Maine ? This could turn into an Agatha Christie novel. Of course someone needs to die for this to happen.

LeDud---If they were anywhere near the town of Castle Rock, someone or several someones dying will present no problem at all.

When I lived in Rhode Island, everybody there WANTED out-of-state plates, so they could avoid paying personal property tax on their cars.

At that time, Florida (who else?) would let you register your car with only a P. O. box as an address, so people would take a Florida vacation, and register their cars while there.

So in winter, you had all these cars in cold Rhode Island with FL plates. As if real Floridians (are there any left?) would be spending winter up there.

Just imagine what would've happened if they'd been from California.

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