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January 31, 2021


A. Not this.

(Thanks to pharmaross and Ralph)


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Sounds totally convincing, especially the "not on drugs" part.

The Roswell space aliens tell me that several civilizations keep these mantis like creatures as we keep guard dogs. They're generally well behaved and this particular one was likely let out to exercise. However, when they assume the praying position, they're not praying, they are saying grace before dining.

Welcome to the 21st century where the space aliens no longer request to be "taken to your leader".

I once went into a fishing tackle store and asked "take me to your leader".

Ho hum! Something the Q folks would talk about.

Yeah, he's exaggerating. The ones I've seen are only about 6'6". Guards, small forwards, but not centers.

He really should start wearing a helmet when he's on a bicycle.

Steverino you nailed it.

Hey, they just want to serve man.

The "shaggy hair" explains it all.

I see the makings of a 'great' RAID commercial.

@man tom - I hate cyclists too, but using Raid on them is a bit excessive.

nursecindy--Here in Roswell, New Mexico, many people wear tinfoil helmets or hats when out cycling or just walking. Contrary to most rumors, tinfoil does not block alien telepathic probes. It actually gives the aliens better reception.

I, for one, welcome our new mantis overlords.

I remember my first beer, too.

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