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January 31, 2021


Do not mess with them.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, pharmaross, John Lobert and man tom)


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Did this happen just after he got his COVID shot?

Oops. I meant this for the post on journalism. I haven’t had the shot yet, so perhaps I’m the one who is disoriented.

You've got to give him points for trying. The guy was knocked unconscious twice and kept coming back for more. Since it's Florida, I'm surprised they don't Send Him to Washington.

In his defense, it was the full wolf moon thus Florida Man thought he was being attacked by moon wolfs and blue chicken aliens, so basically, self-defense.

I hope that police dog was current with it's shots and also didn't get infested with fleas.

Tore down. I'm assuming a woman was behind his fall from grace, but He should have known better than mess with one.

"The ill-advised incident, which left the suspect with multiple scrapes and bruises plus staples on his eyebrow" Umm, are they sure he didn't already have the staples in his eyebrow? He seems like the type.

Reminds me of the time Richard Pryor got in the ring with Ali. Really.

I have a feeling he was also fighting the people trying to sew him up because I've never seen staples put in an eyebrow before. Maybe padraig is right and they were already there.

cindy, even if the staples weren't there before, I bet he keeps them.

Steve K, I remember Pryor telling that story. He had some Golden Gloves experience and started feelin' it, so he gave Ali a little tag. Ali stepped back, did the wide-eyed thing, and then put four jabs in Pryor's face so fast Pryor did not even have a chance to blink. Must have been an enlightening moment.

Good boy!

From the mugshot, he could be the same dude who hung around Flathead County for a spell. Folks just called him "Bad Bob" because he could start a fight in an empty room. He pretty much always looked like that mugshot because while he liked to start fights, he wasn't good at winning. Most of us thought he tried to rile our lake monster and succeeded. Reckon now he just moved on to sunny Florida.

Padraig -

I did not know Pryor had Golden Gloves experience. Makes the story way better.

Just to clarify for all, Ali's punches never landed. Pryor said he just saw them being pulled back. "Enightening" is one word, "terrifying" is what I would pick. Hats off to those few who stayed in the ring with Ali for any number of real rounds.

The funniest guy in the story is not Pryor.

This guy was upset that his job interview as a NASA engineer didn't go according to plan. The last thing they told him was "You are no rocket scientist".

Steve K, another story about Ali that I just re-heard was in the bio of a sports writer he was friendly with. Ali was supposed to meet him for dinner at a posh restaurant, and the writer expected him to be late as usual. But over an hour goes by and the writer figures Ali's a no-show. So he goes out to the restaurant valet center to get his car keys, and the valet is fumbling all over, dropping his keys, apologizing, and then the writer realizes that the valet is Ali in a valet uniform and an extremely fake moustache.
What I love most about this is that Ali apparently showed up, bribed a valet to use his uniform, and then, what, always had a fake moustache with him just in case? and then sat out at the valet stand waiting for the writer to give up on him. The best jokes take the most effort.

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