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January 29, 2021


Scientists solve the mystery of why wombats have cube-shaped poo

(Thanks to Alkali Bill, Al Barkafski and this blog's college roommate, the legendary Bob Stern)


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Not ice-cube trays?

Now... How does Congress pass cube-shaped legislation ?

The last part of this article is ominous.

"--A new way of manufacturing cubes inside a soft tube, which could be applied to other fields including manufacturing clinical pathology and digestive health."

I could foresee a food additive that causes people to poo in cubes. That would be a boon to the makers of Preparation H. Some scientific studies should never be done---most of them, actually.


Sounds to me like they have squared-off intestines, then. Sort of like air conditioning ducts.

I saw Cubic Wombats open for Men At Work.

Wasn't Einstein inspired by square wombat poop when he came up with E=MC2?

Then, if I had a wombat, I'd name him Rubik.

"Rubik's" favorite song? "It's Hip To Be Square."

If I had a female wombat, I'd name her Zirconia.

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