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January 26, 2021


A woman stabbed her husband several times after thinking she found photos of him with a younger woman. It turns out that she herself was that “other” woman. The photo of the couple was taken years ago, when they were dating, police in Sonora, Mexico said.

(Thanks to John Gregg, Jim Kenaston, pharmaross and Allen at Division)


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In her defense, when the police arrived she was heard screaming: "What did you do to me? Look at me now!"

One of my favorite pictures with my wife was shortly after we were engaged. 1990

I still have the same haircut, just a lot less hair.

No doubt anyone living with her, including her, would age rapidly.

No, you did nothing wrong. But, as Dan Conner would say, "It just doesn't matter."


Incidents like this are far to common to make news here in Flathead County.

As the Marquis would say, "Some people call this foreplay."

When asked if she had heard any word on how her husband was doing all she would say is, "He's always been a complainer."

Cue "The Way We Were"

If she was really serious about revenge, she would just stay with him and complain constantly about the thermostat setting for the next 50 years.

Don't mess with women, even if the woman you're messing with is herself...

Well, he married that young, good-looking señorita, not the worn-out old gal who stabbed him. So yeah, he was cheatin'.

I'm confused. The woman had changed so much she didn't recognize herself but the man still looked the same?
Note to men: If a woman ever says, "What did you just say?" the best response is to clutch your chest and ask her to call 911.

@nursecindy - I wondered the exact same thing.

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