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January 27, 2021


Up Helly Aa 2021, due to be held on Tuesday 26th January, has been postponed for a year.

(Thanks to Bill Price, who explains that Up Helly Aa is as festival in which “Shetland islanders spend all year building a boat, then burn it and go to local pubs and drink them dry.”) 


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They didn't postpone it, they canceled it, which is fine with me (wasn't going anyway). But if I ever figure out just what the hell it is, I may think about going to the 2022 event since it appears that a lot of work goes into planning the next celebration, I just feel bad for the cicadas who will have to wait another 17 years.

As seen on the excellent tv series "Shetland". Really. It was in the first episode, and it is a good detective show.

Apparently this involves a huge fire, guys in Viking costumes and massive quantities of alcohol, so basically a Guys in Action convention.

I think this is a festival we can all get behind. At least the second part.

There was this one Shetland Islander who first drank the pubs dry and when questioned why He didn't join in building the boat first before he got drunk He answered in an inquisitive drunken, slurred drool, "what are you insane or somethin' screw that."

I get the feeling the first time they did this, it was a legitimate attempt to build a boat, and they enjoyed doing it. But it sank, and they decided that drinking was safer after that.

This is truly sad news. Watching a flaming boat sinking while drinking adult beverages would be SO appropriate nowadays. Couldn't they have just shot a video of the boat going down in flames and put it on the Internet?
This way many people could celebrate at home, again and again and again...

And the Shetland ponies all gave thanks when they heard the news.

Fortunately the " Put a bag of flaming dog poop on your neighbor's front stoop and ring the doorbell " festival is still on.


I've heard of drinking Canada Dry, but never Shetland pubs.

Le Pet, watching the flaming boat while intoxicated reminds me of one of my favorite satire movies, "S. O. B." Haven't seen it in years, but it's well worth a revisit. Funniest skewering of the movie biz ever.

Also features "good girl" Julie Andrews topless (and yes, they're quite praiseworthy).

Allen - you're right - Shetland is a great series.
I had to turn on ‘closed caption’.
They all speak with a Scottish accent & I couldn’t understand a word they said.

Here in Texas we call that kind of reckless activity “Saturday “...

Dorkfish, a Saturday at Hell's Gate often comes with the added attraction of fireworks.

Allen at Division - The tv series is based on books written by Ann Cleeves. The books are great! She has other series' also; I love her Vera Stanhope novels.

I take it that most of the participants in this are of the male persuasion.

I feel bad for their wives, who have to stare at all these boats in their backyards and garages for a year.

Ditto the closed captioning! Still, lovely accents!

Do you suppose Haggis was involved?

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