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January 28, 2021


Beijing tests for COVID-19 using anal swabs, where virus may survive longer

(Thanks to everybody on the Internet)


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I bet it will cost twice as much for these tests. IFKWIMAITYD. Training will take place in Nevada.

Given his importance in the country, I recommend that President Xi be tested in this way. Daily. By someone from every other country in the world.

As they say in Australia: "That's not a Q-tip, THIS is a Q-tip!"

The anal swab test for COVID 19 was copied by China from a medical paper published in Iran by Dr. Allya Ben Dover. He has received high praise from his countries rulers for---well, they just plain like the idea.

Here we go again with " that planet ".

Thanks to the Global Times for this probing report.


Stick that in your annals of science..

When my agency decided that we needed a finger print reader to clock the employees in and out someone asked if a retina scanner would be better. I think this person watches too much TV. I wondered if maybe a colon scan would be the definitive solution. (I had seen an article on the uniqueness of the individual colon on this very blog. Years ago.) I never said it out loud because I knew someone would hear it. Imagine the line. Waiting to bend over and get probed to time into work. Yes, this was TSA. It would have been appropriate.

Oh, and the reason we needed a finger print scanner was because someone high up in the food chain was certain that employees were clocking each other in. No proof of this ever surfaced, but it was the reason we spent millions on that project. I always suspected the person pushing this was confessing their own malfeasance.

I suppose the swabs were developed by Miles Scientific - the company formerly known as AnalTech.

The Anal Swabs opened for the Butthole Surfers.

@ChrisinVa - I wanted to say this first. It’s not fair stealing my thought!

Let me just say, as a retired nurse, there is no way in heck I would have done an anal swab on anyone and I think the deputy director in China needs to get a grip!

Imagine what the drive-through testing centers will look like.

There are many accounts of aliens probing people. We should just contract with the aliens to perform the anal swab tests.

@ Marc---The Roswell space aliens tell me that they have never performed an anal swab on any abductees. But if they got bored, it might be fun to try. However, some test subjects might walk funny for a few days.

And here we were thanking our lucky stars that the rectal thermometers of our childhoods were behind us (har).

@ Mad Hatter - oh, the memories.

Le Pet, I laughed so hard at your post my anal region went “ahhhhhh.”

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