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January 15, 2021


An Alabama racing pigeon that survived a lengthy and mysterious trip across the Pacific Ocean — landing last month in an Australian backyard — is now facing the death penalty.

(Thanks to wiredog, DaninDallas and pharmaross)


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There are spiders as big as a Volkswagen sure to get to it first and swallow it whole.

Of all the dangerous animals native to Australia they decide to execute a North American pigeon, xenophobia has reached a whole new level.

Maybe they should give it a sponge bath

We don't need another stink' invasive species in Australia.

Come to think of it, we probably don't need pigeons here, either.

Hey, this is Australia. Just let that pigeon hang around outside a bit and something venomous will either eat it, strangle it, sting it, or well, simply take care of the problem. Nature apparently takes it's course pretty fast down there.

A new strain of Avian Influenza Virus (H5N1) is causing epidemics worldwide, particularly in China and India, but has not yet reached Australia. It is highly pathogenic in chickens and wild birds and can infect humans. Australia has enough problems with COVID-19 (for which they have done far better than the US); they don't need another zoonosis.

Its band is fake. Isolate it, fatten it up, and cook it. End of fowl play.

Hopefully they catch it before it develops an accent.

Snork @ man tom

another snork for man tom. wonderfully done!

That's not a pigeon, this is a pigeon?

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