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January 22, 2021


Naked man driving stolen JSO cruiser crashes into woods on I-10

Huh: The man... appeared to be in a distressed mental state

(Thanks to pharmaross, who notes that the "distressed mental state" is Florida)


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The guy was promptly issued a DWN, Driving While Naked. He asked to speak to a Naked attorney.

So they still report this stuff like it’s news instead of everyday life, eh?

In Florida "The Streak" Man's defense, Ethel was actually driving. At least she got away.

I remember the good old days when I worked in mental hospitals. Back then even patients "In a distressed mental state" had the decency to keep their clothes on.

This minor incident would never make news here in Flathead County.

" The man...is believed to be undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. "

Can't they plainly see he's nuts ?


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