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January 12, 2021


“You can’t play Led Zeppelin quietly.”

(Thanks to pharmaross and Ralph)


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I have a friend, Ted, I call Ted Zeppelin. I was the first to call him Ted Zeppelin when I noticed his infatuation with the group and the fact He always expressed his love of The Zep by doing his stupefying air guitar impression when speaking of them. If you have never met another human being who thinks of nothing but Led Zeppelin 24/7 and does an eye-catching air guitar impression when referring to them, you should.

It's always sad to see budding talent silenced by The Man. The dude tried to explain that in this building you can't even play Sound of Silence on kazoo without neighbors complaining.

Per the back cover of The Rolling Stones album Sticky Fingers -

Maximum cycle characteristics and frequency response of high decibel level have been set according to standards suggested in the Guy Stevens Producers Manual...

These recommended standards were compiled by the same authority which recently measured audible damage created by supersonic aircraft.

If for any reason you do not agree with the standards - Turn It Up.

A truer quote has never been uttered.

Led Zeppelin WBAGNFARB

Which begs the question, how, then, should we play Rick Astley ?

I thought that a sound of 400 decibels will burn was cool. But of course I've never tried it.

Just sayin'.

"trying to practice singing as he intended on booking studio time in the near future to record an album"

What does good singing have to do with a rock album?

Also, maybe he should change his name to Nathan Welk.

That's racist, Man. They wouldn't do that if he was playin' the Gilligan's Island theme.

Loud is beautiful, if it's clean.


"Rock, who works at a Wendy’s near his apartment in Huron, a city 55 miles west of Cleveland" -- I saw 55 Miles to Cleveland open for Motorhead.

@ padraig - Ah yes, I remember their mega-hit, 99 Miles from L.A.

I don’t always listen to Led Zeppelin, but when I do, the neighbors do too!

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