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January 27, 2021


Mission to save injured goose on Monroe river ends when it's discovered as a decoy

(Thanks to Nelson from Michigan)


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But did they treat its injuries?

Where the real ducks robbing a bank during this time?

So .. no harm .. no fowl, eh?
ducks and runs away

You're only groaning because you didn't think of it first and there's some rule that requires every news story involving a bird to include some play on the words “foul” and “fowl.”

MOTW---Thank you for pointing out the terrible flaw in the reporting of this article. The reporter should have started out with:
"It was a foul use of 911 that some unknown person perpetrated to report an injured fowl in need of assistance. It turned out to be a decoy goose, which is an artificial goose (an edible fowl) look alike made of wood or some material that floats and are sold to attract real edible fowl to land at hunters blinds which are shelters where hunters stay hidden until the incoming fowl are led to believe they are joining a feeding flock of friends until they get within shotgun range."

@Le Petomane - Thanks for that explanatory explanation! I trust this conveys my gratitude, by which I mean the feeling that arises when one comes to the realization that one has undeservedly been given something worth having. Times while I jot your kindness down in my gratitude journal, by which I mean a porcelain receptacle for...no, wait, I’m getting confused.

High fives Le Pet and Mad Hatter for making my day, by which I mean
lifting my mood and easing my stress.

I'm just so grateful to know they were able to get in training in saving Canadian geese because I often worry we just aren't prepared for the possibility that there might be an injured good on treacherous ice and no one there to rescue them. Whew. It's important now to be sure further training for goose rescue is funded and we don't have to count on these accidents.

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