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January 13, 2021


Russian CO Under Investigation for Stealing His Own Ship's Propellers

(Thanks to Michael Hardt, who says "When I quit my last job, I took a stapler.")


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This whole thing is a misunderstanding. He was just using them as paperweights.

The gulf between the propeller people and the anti-peller people grows ever wider.

He didn't steal them. They were pitched in the wrong direction, so he had them taken off. He just forgot to return them to the vendor.

stole two bronze propellers with a total weight of 26 tons

How did he get past TSA with that .. put them under his toupee?

Excuse me sir: Is that a propeller in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

The propellers aren't turning
Turning, turning, turning
There is a reason the ship's not moving
Moving, moving, moving
The captain sold the bloody propellers
Now we're drifting with the tide
Taking a slow ship to nowhere
We'll get back one shining someday
Then we'll go back and visit
With The captain we now call Ahab
Give him a friendly ride that'll shiver his hide
On a little boat named Moby Dick
Take him on a ride
Ride, ride, ride
And shiver his hide
Captain Ahab will rue the day
He sold those bloody propellers
And riled Moby Dick

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