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January 13, 2021


Guys knock some snow off a roof.

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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They're gonna need more ice-melt.

...and a bigger flame-thrower.

cfjk, the aftermath could be fun. So they use the flamethrowers to melt the snow, causing a huge runoff. Since the weather is still cold, it'll freeze if it pools somewhere. Then we'd get to see how they would free the cars or houses or whatever locked in solid ice.

Hey, they were smart enough to stand inside, right?

Japanese rescue snowplow.

Gotta love metal roofs.

They should've just fired a few rounds into it, like the track crews do on Railroad Alaska.

This reminds me of growing up in Colorado high country. Avalanches can be a deadly affairs. I was stopped along with all traffic both ways by the Colorado Highway Department for them use a military howitzer to shoot off and cause an avalanche from crashing down and closing a ski run. I did not know until later this was the Highway Departments first time shooting a howitzer. The employees unhooked the big gun from a dump truck and spent a long time pointing it. When the big gun fired everyone was watching the distant explosion.
It was then that many of us onlookers noticed the howitzer was missing. It soon became apparent even to the Highway Department their cannon had been parked on a snow covered road and the recoil had sent the big gun sliding backwards off the highway and down a steep cliff.
All told it was quite entertaining to watch. It also turned out the shell had missed the snow overhang long chalk and it remained undamaged.

I don't have a story about a Howitzer, but I do have a somewhat loosely related incident to share. One afternoon, back one day in the 60's, I and a couple of friends got a ride to Art Hill, a large hill located in front of the St. Louis Art Museum where we planned to do some sledding. As we were gliding at breakneck speed down the hill, the wooden steering mechanism from my friend's sled stuck in my ear on the way down. I was deaf in that ear for weeks, could have been months. I am sure my eardrum was busted. I tell this story only because if a Howitzer had gone off, I would have not been aware. I would be remiss if I did not mention, I kicked my friend's brother in the nuts for making me deaf in my left ear.

Must be a government warehouse. One guy with a pole. The rest supervising.

I wonder how the Oregon Highway Department clears the roofs of its buildings.

wanderer2575--I would venture the Oregon Highway Department would consider it a two cases of dynamite solution. If the building holding the snow up wasn't there any more, what little snow remaining after the explosion would be easy to remove.

@ Le Petomane - Maybe that’s what happened to the Paris Gun, which was never found after WWI.

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