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January 10, 2021


This song’s for you.

(Thanks to Amanda Frick)


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RBR will be all over this.

Is it too late for the Grammy nominations?

A song writer extraordinaire. Matt resembles an old friend we considerately called, 'Maggot'. It's all good. We could have called him, 'Charlie'.

Bravo, Steady Matt !


Steady Matt is pretty good. I wonder if he has done a song about pythons. Maybe something like this:

Here comes Peter Python
Slithering down Florida Man's lane
Lookin' to cause some pain
Maybe snarf a rabbit or anything it can
Peter Python ain't a choosy snake
He leaves no critter in his wake

Well, this could be a start anyway. Feel free to take it from here.


Le Petomane, Steady Matt doesn't have a python song... yet, but does have an iguana song! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vavHdphSPN8

Greatly enjoyed Steady Matt's Shochu Sunrise! Extra funny if you speak Japanese. :D

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