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January 11, 2021


The Seoul city government has sparked anger for offering advice to pregnant women that includes ensuring their husbands have clean clothes and enough to eat while they are in hospital giving birth.

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias)


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I think any husbands in the hospital giving birth should, without question, be entitled to clean clothes and enough to eat.

They should require these men to give birth barefoot, while taking care of the crops out in the rice paddies, like real men are supposed to.

C'mon, hubby needs to have clean underwear in case of a car wreck taking her to the hospital.

SMACKS Steve, cfjk, and Rod

I know that husbands everywhere will brag on their wives not looking disheveled before, during, or after labor and providing for their every appetite. rolls eyes smph


Sounds like the 1946 Disney educational cartoon The Story of Menstruation. It does a pretty good job of explaining what the innards are up to, but rather than telling girls they'll have to protect their clothing from stains (odd since it's sponsored by Kotex), it advises girls to keep up the grooming and look cheerful so they don't bum anyone else out.

But my main takeaway from the film is "Man, that baby in the bassinet is wearing a lot of makeup."

Wow. Someone in the "Seoul city government" is going to be sleeping in the garage tonight.

@Jeff Meyerson, Seoul city government employee will be locked out of the garage as well as the house. Maybe he'll find a vacant park bench.

Wait a minute, am I supposed to be able to make my own meals and dress myself while my wife is in the hospital having a baby? No one told me this when I was in school!!!

I'm guessing most of those officials are either single or soon will be.

@nursecindy - they will die sad, hungry, badly dressed, and alone.

Advice for Korean man:
Don't mess with a pregnant woman. Take care of everything yourself and give her some care and respect. Life will be better and also it's one heck of a lot smarter and cheaper than divorce lawyers.


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