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January 18, 2021


Flaming truck speeds through town

(Thanks to Steve K)


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On the highway to h3ll . .

Don't look, Ethel!

Sating the obvious, the pickup was just heading home from a fire sale.

Just more confirmation of climate change resulting from human activity.

Maybe it was a hot parade float!

Who gives a flaming truck ?

I've heard of flaming idiots, but never seen a video of one in action before.



I caught my car on fire, looked sort of like the video, on the side of the highway while trying to prime the carburetor with gas. I had a blanket in the trunk I carried in case some girls (Pl.) I may 'pick up' may want to go on a picnic. I put the fire out by smothering it with the blanket. Really reduced my chances of picking up a girl and going on a picnic.

MT Colloquially known as a "breeding blanket".

Occasionally, a garbage truck will have a fire start in the back. Usually someone was nice enough to dispose of a compressed canister or something similar.

Their regular bailout location where they dump their load and pull off is our church parking lot. The local fire department comes out to manage the flames. The company sends out a cleanup crew.

I'm not sure if the check they mail in is tax deductible, or if it has to be counted as a facility rental

@man tom--Please get your memoirs published ASAP. Your type of stories are needed more than ever nowadays.

Florida better watch out, Thailand is creeping up on you.

Thems some HOT nachos.

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