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January 27, 2021


Hell yes.


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Can't read the article without signing in to the Herald site. I have an account but can't sign in...


"Florida Man" would make a great mascot for the 2021 Olympics, just imagine him lighting the torch at the opening ceremonies by blowing up a meth lab, of course if it's gonna be the Winter Olympics they'll have to get started on collecting enough cocaine to build the ski and bobsled runs.

Hell No!

We have a vitally important sewer system being installed under the major street right directly in front of our front door. Ongoing for exactly ONE YEAR and they are still there. Every once in a while they use a rubber band to fix an official notice to our gate stating future plans, mostly closures and reassurance if our building crumbles under the pressure of their drilling, they will "take a look'. One notice not long ago stated, I swear it.

Expect your water o be turned off during the following schedule:

Mon: 5am to 5p then 6pm to 5am.

Tuesday 12am to around 5pm. 6pm to 12am.

Wednesday: Don't make plans today if you need running water.

Thursday: Ditto Wednesday.

Friday: Expect the street to be closed all day, but the water will be running,

Sat. and Sun: Cancel everyone you have scheduled for treatment in your office until Thursday. Check our hotline for updates. We'll let you know with an official letter and rubber band hung on your gate when we know.

man tom--They hired New Mexico contractors? If so, plan on one more year of construction to fix what went wrong the first time they did the job.

Another Florida Olympic sport...


I fully support holding the Olympic swimming competition at Gatorland. What could possibly go wrong? For those of you who say you really can't swim very fast just remember, you only have to swim faster than one other person. Great article!

Dave, did you say "tuna fish?" Versus what, tuna horse?

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