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January 21, 2021


Male Mantises Evolved a Vital Trick to Avoid Being Decapitated After Sex

(Thanks to The Fourth George)


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Ah, the old withdrawal trick?

Buddy Holly and the Headless Crickets covered for Praying Mantis


I was listening to this checking out my new Dolby Surround capability on my computer when the Blog posted this link. I was thinking, "I'm pretty sure I was kissing a woman who had all the capabilities of delivering the Kiss of Death, but I'm still alive."

Check out Dolby Surround Man.

Did Lorena Bobbitt start in oceanography?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vvwq1FZ6gxE The should try Frank Costanza's old move "Stopping short". Just make sure you know where the fusilli Jerrys are.

Recommended for any of you Headless Praying Mantis or Beheaded Beatles freaks this feature is pretty cool.

I may post another picture of Dolby Surround Man later.

I may be off topic here, but I'm pretty sure a woman tried to take my head off for something or other. Kissing was involved.


pharmaross: That theme music reminds of the Miami Vice episode where Crocket & Tubbs clear "Florida Man" of the "Headless Manatee Murders". Turns out he lived in a gatored community.


*5-star groan*


"Yes, dear, your mother can come visit for a week" also works.

The way to stop a female mantis from biting your head off? Distract her. "Okay, the title says 'Praying Mantis' but they're showing a caterpillar. And now he's singing 'insect' but that's an arachnid. What does that have to do with a praying mantOHferCryin'OutLoud, a shark?? They're not even trying anymore. If you can't count on a cheap-green-screened 1980's music video to get animal species right, who can you... uh... Babe? Where'd you go?"

So...if you can't join 'em, beat 'em?

I don't believe mantises are the only species that will chance losing their heads for 13 seconds of sex.

Mantis, Mantis, candle light
Banging upside down and doing it right in the evening
It's pretty pleasing
Mantis Suzie, Mantis Sam
Do the jitterbug out in Mantis Land
And they shimmy .. Sam is so tasty

you're welcome

^5 to MOTW! You're on a roll today! (Although I might not be so grateful at the end of the day, after that melody has looped through my brain a trillion times....)

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