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January 26, 2021


Man steals tow truck as revenge for company previously towing his car

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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If he hooked a car while in possession of a tow truck, would he be charged with two counts of GTA?

At one point, our cars were breaking down and being towed so often that the insurance company was going to give us a tow truck with an adaptation of the adage "Driver tow yourself"

The headline should have read: "Florida Man seeks revenge by holding hooker for ransom"



Man, in the old days it was just "alcohol might have been involved"....

Further researched revealed Aimee Onggo's was a direct descendant of the Onggo family who came over on the Mayflower credited with bringing the first known illegal drugs to the new world.

Oh, rumor has it Aimlow Onggo had an affair with a member of Jodi Foster's family on the way over which left them in a drug induced stupor asking, "where the hell are we?".

To be perfectly clear on this, quote:

Alicia Christian Foster was born on November 19, 1962, in Los Angeles, California, the youngest child of Evelyn Ella ("Brandy"; née Almond) and Lucius Fisher Foster III. Her father came from a wealthy Chicago family whose forebears included John Alden, who arrived in North America on the Mayflower in 1620.[

You never hear of Aimlee Onggo's second cousin, Jerry?

Looks like it was a simple trade to me. I guess the other guy was upset when he realized the tow truck he traded away was worth more than the guy's car.

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