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January 20, 2021


Scientists have finally worked out how butterflies fly


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Now that scientists have solved this puzzle, perhaps they could turn their talents to a study of why pigs can't fly.

Finally, we can all get a decent night's sleep. Wait what about margarine flies? Damn!

That's why I could never figure out the danger of bird flu. I thought that's how they got around.

First we need to know if they studied the English butterfly or the African butterfly. The lift factor does vary.

They're jet-propelled? Is that augmented by those 10 billion butterfly sneezes the Moody Blues sang about?

Go to school for four years and then two more to get a Master's degree in Applied Science - you could wind up studying and analyzing such exciting stuff, too!

I thought that butterflies were jet propelled by farting.

We are one step closer to unifying quantum mechanics and general relativity.

Le Petomane: I don't know about pigs, but here and here is an "investigation" into flying cows.

So what if butterflies' flight is inefficient, 'scientists' calculated that bumblebees should not be able to fly at all, but they do.

Every time I see the dateline CNN, I imagine a horse lifting its tail. I am rarely disappointed. P.S. I am giving CNN a break. It's far worse when a steer lifts its tail. Skip to the chase: The worst is coyote poop. It makes cat poop seem like potpourri.

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