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January 22, 2021


‘Call of Duty’ pro gamer retires at 25 due to thumb injury. ‘It breaks my heart

(Thanks to Kevin Smith)


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Looks like gamers are an underserved market for disability insurance salespeople.

Paging Tommy John's thumb.

That poor gamer couldn't even thumb a ride home to his mother's basement.

Always sad to see a person under 30 going on disability.

Lest you think this Esports thing is a joke, it's actually very big business. Here in Arlington, they converted part of the convention center to an Esports arena. So you can actually pay money to watch other people play video games. And a lot of people do.

Ironically, given that Covid has put a stop to this, the Esports venue is now being used by Tarrant County as a vaccination center. I got my first round yesterday, and the arm is pretty sore around the injection site.

Best wishes to you, Rod! May your antibodies multiply quickly.

I dunno about this story; Rod offers good perspective. I can say that I'm sad to read someone age 25 say that he doesn't know what else to do with his life now that eSports is over, that he needs to give up his sport name. How sad that he did not have a back-up plan to pay for his way through life.

Now his Uncle Sam can give him a REAL Call of Duty" peeling potatoes on KP in Army?

Rod has the Rest of the eSport story above BUT usually "sprts figures" have a "post-glory plan" for when they are "past sports" like cutting hair or Engineering.
https://twitter.com/Hillaryheckno/status/1015071488230281216 for another joke


This seems like a commercial ending with a duck saying “AFLAC!”

Happy Birthday Captions Contest! Born in 2011...
I LIKE high speed rail "sleeps with the fishes!

And Levitation MAG (LevMag) RAIL is just a SciFi Conspiracy Theory!

Poor guy. Now he will have to do something productive.

@Rod - so your arm is sore around the convention center? How odd.

One day, technology will come to the rescue for this sad souls. Ways to play video games with special joysticks that don’t require a thumb may be made. Until then...it’s back to Candy Crush for this gamer.

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