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January 23, 2021


Do Testicles Have Taste Buds?

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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"So although the testicles do contain taste receptors, they don’t lead to taste because they’re not connected to the brain."

This is news? The testicles are notorious for not being connected to the brain.

This is a great idea for a Budweiser commercial.

"The King of Beers now testicle dipping refreshing."

If your buds are dipping your tasty balls in hot sauce, they're not your friends.

I am waiting for a study that can not only provide scientific conclusions differentiating social mores between the left and right, but how often are we generally speaking ambidextrous pairs are present. And if so, how do it do it.

I wonder how the testicles decide a big supply is needed. When i was younger, that area of my body was extremely optimistic,

This study was completely nuts.

An unreliable source claims that when Jerry Lee Lewis dipped his testicles in Tabasco sauce, that was his inspiration to write, "Great Balls of Fire."

I talked this over with mine, their tastes run to things other than soy sauce.

I've always considered my testicles to be tasty buds.

Speaking as a man, this article proves one thing -- men are stupid.

Men are twopid, that's two things, like testicles, or a pair of pants.

More study is needed on how the testicular taste receptors are affected by alcohol consumption. $150,000 and a couple cases of tequila should about cover it.

This is a real ballsy article.

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