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December 26, 2020


Study finds eating healthy people's poo can reduce symptoms leading to heart attacks and type-2 diabetes

(Thanks to DaninDallas, who says "Here’s a healthy salad for you dear. What's that smell?")


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This is the crappiest study ever.

So, my Army food "shit on a shingle" was good for me? Who knew??

Oorrrr one could just eat healthy food and exercise.

Initial testing led to the most comprehensive study of lab rat regurgitation ever assembled.

Eat people poo or take a slight chance of possibly damaging my health sometime in the future. I'm thinking, I'm thinking....nope, I'll take my chances.

And no, this study didn't come from Flathead County or The Onion.

@MOTW, you're not going to get anywhere in modern consumerism America with radical ideas like that.

" a little city of bacteria all working together, all helping us "

How picturesque... Just like Bedford Falls in " It's a Really Smelly Life ".

Is there a recipe, or are you supposed to just suck it out at the source?

@wanderer, I suppose if one did eat healthy and exercise, one could participate in consumerism by becoming a fecal donor for hire.

So for all these years we’ve had it wrong. We should have been saying, “Eat shit and be healthy!”

What about: "You are what you eat"?

Washing down a poo pill with recycled water from the sewer is expected to be double effective if any lab rats can be found willing to participate in the study.

Maybe it should be: you are who you eat. Incidentally, happy Boxing Day.

CFJK: Brown noser!


(This news item) plus (The incoming Biden administration‘s pledge to “follow the science“)


(A future that’s just too terrifying to contemplate)

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