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December 31, 2020


A Three Forks woman is accused of shooting a gun after a man, who wasn’t allowed in her house, mooned her on his way out.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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After the planetary alignment, the public's interest in celestial events seems to be waning.

Listen for a warning shot, then a threat stating, "the next bullet is going in your back" then, and only then, DO NOT mess with them EVER AGAIN!

A woman with a gun & three forks should never be exposed to the moon of Uranus.

Exciting times in Montana.

Further investigations will reveal this behavior repeats every 28 days.

"Allen was adamant that she discharged her rifle, court documents say. She said her pistol, which matched the shell casing police found near the front door, was at her mother’s house."
Well, it's probably the RV next door, so . . .

That's what happens when you butt in when you're not invited.

Occasions such as this are why you should keep a shotgun loaded with rock salt handy.

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