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December 23, 2020


Mum stunned to see ‘face of Jesus’ in Brussels sprout while preparing veg ahead of Christmas

(Thanks to Doug Ogg and John Lobert)


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Girl you're a hot-blooded woman, child
And it's warm where you're touchin' me

Apparently Jesus was a Cabbage Patch Kid?

Baby cheeses sprout in Brussels?

Looks like an Aardman Animations version of Hitler. Why is it always Jesus that people claim to see in their food? How come no one says they found an image of Eleanor Roosevelt in their pastrami sandwich or Don Knotts in their Durkee onion green bean casserole?

Looks like Che' to me

If a Brussels sprout was on my dinner plate, I would be shouting "Jesus Christ!" but not in a reverent way.

I see a surprised panda bear.
Braise the Lord? Really?

Call me when the Virgin Mary appears on broccoli.

Call me when the Virgin Mary appears on broccoli.

Actually, Jesus wouldn't have looked like that anyway. He would have looked like an Arab.

In the future, certain people will be finding the likeness of Donald Trump in foods.

Oh NO!

I have studied all of the authenticated photographs of Jesus and this doesn't resemble any of them. The image did resemble a small dog with a penchant for chasing parked cars, however.

Somewhat off-topic, but anthony stewart, weren't we promised some Christmas poetry?

Yeah, I think I'd see Jesus if I ate one of those nasty things, because it would kill me.

Yuletide *SNORK* @ Le Petomane

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