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December 29, 2020


Frozen whale on LBI challenge to remove from beach

(Thanks to pretty much everybody)


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They obviously haven't sought advice from Oregon.

The Oregon Highway Department can take care this situation nicely. They have passed the learning curve and developed a pound/ dynamite ratio they believe will work perfectly to disintegrate any pesky dead whale. They are likely just awaiting the call for help. I doubt the fact this dead whale is frozen hard as a Popsicle will create any problems that some additional dynamite won't handle.

Whatever you do, Jersey, do NOT call the Oregon Highway Department.

They buried it. For now.

The question is: will this be a repeat of the Danish buried mink problem?

Ralph--Are you thinking the people of New Jersey may be faced with a zombie whale. If so, will they notice?

"It's frozen solid," Schoelkopf said. "There's not much we can do. Cutting into a frozen whale like that isn't going to be easy."
Do these people not own chainsaws?

Knowing what not to do is often the key to a successful course of action in any endeavor. On a more proactive note, I believe that whales are often provided with free travel to Vegas, so that's another avenue they may wish to pursue.

Yeah, Cindy, that was my thought too. And if it is too solid, let it defrost for a few hours, then get the chainsaws out.

Either that, or leave it in front of the Governor's Mansion, ring the bell and run away.

I think the obvious lesson from the Oregon Whale Fiasco is that they did not use enough dynamite. Probably a ton or five of TNT would dispose the carcass, or at least would launch it on a low Earth orbit, which would be awesome.

Qaz---Since this is still 2020, I fear the extra dynamite launched whale would most likely collide with the International Space Station and cause damage. Ralph's concern that, if buried, the dead whale could return as sort of a zombie. And we used to believe it was only Captain Ahab who had whale problems...

Just keep cutting pieces of it off and feed these to the sharks offshore. Circle of Life stuff.

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