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December 28, 2020


Cheating a 'free-for-all' at virtual high schools, teachers say

That's in Canada, of course. No way OUR kids are cheating.

(Thanks t The Perts)


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It's possible to devise tests you can't cheat on, of course. College professors do it all the time. I can remember chemistry exams where we could actually bring in and use any text/resource we wanted to use during the test, because the questions were designed to make us think about how to use the knowledge.

Obviously we need to devise some rules for cheating.

Dipping pigtails in the inkwell, however, has completely ceased.

Did you hear about the problem of the constipated mathematician ? (He worked it out with a pencil)

My favorite cheating in school story happened to my mother, a long time English teacher. On one test, a student raised his hand for a question. My mother went over to inquire. She noticed some marks on his hand and asked : "What's on your hand ?". His red face told it all. She wanted to laugh but had to maintain a shocked attitued.

If you worked for FPL, you'd be shocked.

Why is it none of my math teachers looked like her. Would have love to discuss the mantissa or the Heine Borel Covering Theorem with her.

Cheating on practical test for electricians can be shocking.

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