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December 27, 2020


Derided in the West, spam is so beloved in Asia that one company has invented a meat-free version of it

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Do not google Spam Long Pig

My husband still eats Spam, but he has switched to the turkey variety. He says it does not upset his stomach as much as regular Spam, but he still burps and farts as much. Oh .. is that TMI?


For additional listening pleasure...


I don't suppose anyone's noticed that Spamalot rhymes with Camelot.

Dave's Year in Review Front Page, center, top of the fold in the Washington Post today, just letting everybody know.

When referring to any food labeled Spam, you have to have standards. Much like eating in some Oriental restaurants; Don't ask what's in it, if it tastes good just eat the food.

Almost all the spam on the phone is full of baloney.

Shouldn't it be called SPAV - "Something Posing As Vegan"?

Here's Dave's 2020 Year In Review article link in the Anchorage Daily News (free of charge):


Lab analysis of a spam indicated pieces of meat, pine planks and iron chain.

Has anyone seen a picture of Weird Al & John Lithgow standing together, cuz they look like the same person in different epochs.

They got something called "Spam light" in the supermarkets now. 25% less salt! Not sure this helps...

I remember my honeymoon... we didn't have money so we went leaf-peeping through Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, upper state NY... (it was October) stopping at antique stores, camping. Ended up at Niagara falls early on a Saturday morning. I don't remember where we camped that night or why we drove there first, but I put the Coleman stove on the trunk lid right there in the parking lot, waiting for them to open and cooked spam and eggs with Velveeta cheese in an iron skillet. We had orange juice and coffee and spooned the eggs and such onto cold slices of bread with yellow mustard. One of the best meals I've ever had.

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