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December 31, 2020


A Florida man who wasn’t on fire is charged with a felony after police say he sprayed himself with a fire extinguisher in an attempt to dry himself.

(Thanks to pharmaross, who says "He looks very extinguished.")


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In his arrest report, did the officers note any extinguishing marks or scars?

However, the fire extinguisher must have worked as he wasn't when the cops arrived.

FL residents can learn a valuable lesson from this story, "you must be on fire before interfering with firefighter equipment." Also if you have been drinking, fall asleep and then fall in water when you wake up, it's ok...you are from FL.

In his defense, he thought it was filled with cocaine.

The undisputed master.

(Jump ahead to about the 1:50 mark.)

Not to change the subject or stray too far off topic, but a reminder. In a few hours...

Midnight man's on time
Everything is fine
All the words in rhyme
With everything

I heard Springsteen sing "Fire Extinguisher Dry Off."

So did it work?

He should have been charged with reckless endangerment.
With dry spray fire extinguishers there is some risk for mild respiratory, skin, or eye irritation. Use in areas with poor air flow, use with intent to harm someone, or intentional inhalation of fire extinguishers can produce serious toxicity and would require medical evaluation.

The perp should have thought faster:

"Of course I wasn't on fire when you got here, officer. I used that fire extinguisher to put the fire out. I didn't want to make an ash out of myself."

Fortunately it was in a garage. That dry powder makes an unholy mess which is almost impossible to clean from rugs, crevices, etc.

I prefer CO₂ extinguishers. They are easy to test, can be used more than once, and leave no residue. I've picked up a bunch at yard sales cheap. They're also handy for maintaining social distancing.

He seemed put out.

This really isn't funny. It is a serious crime, which damaged property and put lives in danger.

That dry powder damages finishes, including car paint and rubber gaskets. Every car within about 10 yards, will need thousands of dollars worth of repairs.

It is pure luck that there was not another fire in that location before that extinguisher could be replaced.

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