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December 27, 2020


Congress Legalizes Smokey Bear Impersonations

(Thanks to John Sullivan, who says "I no longer have to look over my shoulder.")


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If Tom Lehrer can place all of his music into the public domain, then it is only the right thing to do for Congress to place Smoky Bear there too.


I always sit in the non-Smokey section.

The only good news in 2020 so far. Now it's finally legal to grin and bear it.

Yogi should be letting out a big sigh of relief.

Sorry. It isn’t legal, because Trump won’t sign. Someone has to think about the bears.

There is an unsustainable rumor here in Flathead County that due to this new ruling, a local meat seller is coming out with a new product: Smokey Bear Jerky.

Are Elvis impersonator also legal now, or can we hunt them as before?

Wax— one of the first things I picked up after ordination was an Elvis jumpsuit

I met Smokey the Bear when I was five. He was in a cage in the back of a pickup, and didn't have a hat. He seemed like a big, calm dog. They were taking him around to schools and he was having the time of his life, prowling and a-growling and a-sniffing the air.

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