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December 03, 2020


Ho ho, ho. Safe_image


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Bravo to Dave (again)!

Peter Metrinko: you need to seek professional help for submitting that item.

Did iguana nets and lazy snake wheeled carts make the list? How about bumper stickers and buttons that say "DMB for President in (blank)!"


Nice one pharmaross.

Perfect gifts for this HalloThankMas season. Be sure to wear your masks and stand at least six feet from the computer when ordering.

The perfect gift: a Herald subscription.

Love the python sheets. Here in the Southwest most use real rattlesnake skins to make sheets and pillowcases and wear Gila monster hide loafers.

60% or higher alcohol content is the only way I would even consider drinking eggnog.

It goes without saying that the CDC has never sampled nursecindy's fruitcake.

I don't know about Toilet Tag, but Mrs. wanderer and I once kept a chessboard in the Loo Room for a year or so.

Sweet!!! I needed something to believe in this year. Besides Santa, that is.

Yaaay, so glad to see the return of (I presume) Captain Deltoid P. Hamsterlicker!

The bra and panties must have pushed production costs to a new seasonal high.



Lucky for wanderer, nursecindy is currently laid up with a migraine.

Gotta get me some of those bug pants. Perfect for a New York winter!

Hey, I was DEFENDING nursecindy! As in, when the CDC said "fruitcake sucks," it's because they have never tasted hers.

PAYWALL!!!!! Cheap bastards. How about a few free articles each month, like other newspapers do?

I take one day off and look what happens! For the record, the CDC loves my fruitcake. The jury is still out with the WHO. Thank you for your suggestions in this gift guide, Dave. Now I truly know what to get those special people in my life that I don't want to ever see again.



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