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December 29, 2020


Earth Actually Has Four North Poles

(Thanks to Rod Nunley, who says "No wonder everybody's lost.")


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Four Santas too?

I learned in 2020 that you can never trust the polls!

The definitive, descriptive scientific explanation for the existence of The Northern Pole of Inaccessibility.

It's a great song if you give a chance and listen.

Somehow , it's strangely reassuring, to know that each of our forefathers has his own pole.

Great, just great. Now in 2020 we have to start telling little kids there are actually Four Santa's and each one has his very own North Pole. What will they be: Gay Santa, Straight Santa, Bad Santa and Drunk Santa? Or possibly, if they're Unitarians, "Whatever Santas."

And what about those GPS units? People drove into lakes and oceans when there was just one North Pole to deal with. Now we'll have self-driveing Teslas being programed in San Francisco to go to Denver heading West out of SF.
Oh, the humanity.

Le Petomane: Before GPS, any decent sailor had to correct the ship's compass for magnetic deviation before calculating true north. Santa has always been a deviate interfering with navigation.

Are they telling me that the Russians planted a flag at Santa's workshop? What kind of heartless people are they?

Those are Alternative Norths.

Also, maybe that's how we end up with things like this.

Ralph--I have on a shelf a Brunton Pocket Transit I used for years in mineral exploration. You opened a topographic map, found the magnetic declination of your area and set the transit to match. I also used a hip chain to measure distances. And, BTW, I also had an 8 track player in my jeep. Perhaps this makes me a certified geezer?

There's the NORTH Pole,
the SOUTH Pole,
POLELAND, (they sell street lighting)
And POLE! POLE! POLE! Offering one stop shopping for all your POLE dancing needs!

And we would be remiss to not mention Walter the Pole, (the pole vaulter, not the penis


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