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December 27, 2020


5:38 p.m. A concerned mother was satisfied her son was not having an emergency but still wanted law enforcement to tell him she would like a phone call.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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7:36PM - ma’am, we are Geico insurance, we are not strange religious group.

"A son should call his mother."

Mrs. Manero to Tony (re Father Frank, Jr.) in SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER




3:49 p.mm--An unattached dog entered a Kalispel store.

3:57 p.pm.--A Kalispel store owner said a blind man was needing help finding his service dog that had run off chasing a cat.

His wife's mother called "in-law enforcement" with a similar complaint.

To quote Almost Famous - Don't do drugs!

"How To Be a Jewish Flathead County Mother," coming soon to bookstores near you.

This actually happened to me when I was living in California in the '70s. One day a big hulking police officer walked into my tiny garage apartment and said my grandparents in Oregon were worried about me and would I call them. :D

"10:19 p.m. A woman walked up to a man and punched him in the head."

"Some would call this foreplay" Marquis de Sade

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