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December 28, 2020


Are there aliens hiding around Uranus?

(Thanks to Ralph)


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They will flee as soon as I begin digesting my bean soup.

If they're smart enough to travel to our solar system, they're smart enough not to park next to a gas giant.

I blame the toilet-paper shortage.

Wouldn't that make them holier than thou?

We should take care seeking out new life forms on Uranus. Who knows what sort of strange crap could be hanging around that place.

" Finding extraterrestrial life within our own solar system would truly be an incredible thing."

If it's here, it will probably look like James Carville.

Old Star Trek joke.

Q: Why is the Starship Enterprise like toilet paper?

A: Because it flies around Uranus, and wipes away the Klingons.

When did Carville become sentient?

No, that's just sawdust from the cookie I had yesterday...

Its the best place to hide.

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