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December 02, 2020


Make it this one.

(Thanks to Rachel Manteuffel)


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It would be nice if the subtitles were in English.

Even though you can't understand a word, it surely does beat all of the endless medicare commercials.

Le Pet - maybe they could have substituted Namath for the kid?

pogo--The kid was cheaper.

I remember the RC cola of the 1970s as having an awful aftertaste. This commercial matches it.

The special effects were Harryhausen-like if you watch when either you or Harryhausen, and especially if both, are drunk.

I'd like to buy a vowel.

I preferred RC to Coke or Pepsi, at least until this.

I think that they're trying to tell us that woman has her head screwed on straight.

I think I know what happened. While walking on the beach sipping an RC, Florida man finds a kilo there, then as he walks home he trips on a lazy snake and gets hit on the head knocked unconscious by a falling iguana as he faceplants into the kilo, hitting the sidewalk. While still unconscious he has this dream of people speaking in tongues. He awakens to his fellow Florida bros doing lines on the sidewalk.

I think the fact that none of us knows what they're saying makes it even awesomer. The epilogue scene is genius. BTW, RC made, for a very brief time, a brewed cola that was spectacular. It got scuttled because it was bottled in brown glass and Bible-belter kids were taking it to school causing angina for school officials (who thought it was an alcoholic beverage). I have never quite forgiven evangelicals for that.

I may need to correct myself on RC's aftertaste. Perhaps it was Tab... or Fresca.

I'll just be sipping a margarita in the back of the geezer bus now.

After seeing that, I'd like to buy the world a Coke.

Well, that's not disturbing at all!

I formerly worked as a sales manager with Pepsi. It was commercials like that and New Coke that kept Pepsi #1 !!!


I need to go buy a better grade of pharmaceuticals and then watch it again. Or maybe not...

Dave Barry for President!

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