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December 27, 2020




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I egret to tell you what its droppings will do to the car's paint finish.

"Dropping payload in 3... 2... 1..."

Waiting for the falling iguanas, no doubt.

But your car won't have any ticks.

While this is an egretable situation, it doesn't hold a candle in a flammable holder to having to clean turkey buzzard crap off your car.

Egrets .. I've had a few. But then again, too few to mention.

Always around the holidays, my truck was making a loud constant, grating, whiney noise, so I immediately pulled over at the first gas station I could...then I dropped my mother-in-law off. Badabing.

I'll be here, etc.

*stork* at MOTW

If wading birds are nuisance to your car, install a loud stereo system to scare them away. It even works for the heron impaired. (Har!)

Having to clean bird poop off a recently washed car is a 'bittern' pill to 'swallow'!

Two in a row, I'd better duck for cover.

Another snork for MOTW! :D

I have to post one more 5*SNORK to MOTW!

Brilliant, MOTW!!

Hey this means you can flip the bird all the way down the freeway!

Je ne egret rien.

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